FCA Canada

Fees & Accepted Payments

Accepted Payments

We currently receive Payments via cheque or e-transfer.

1. E-transfers: Please send all e-transfers to finance@fcaministers.com. Please make the answer to the security question registration

2. Cheques: Please send all cheques by mail to:

FCA Office
11449 – 92nd Street
Grande Prairie, Alberta
T8X 1P4

Yearly Membership For Ministers

Registration or Renewal Fees:

$180 Minister
$120 Spouse
$60 Retired Minister
$60 Missionary

*new registration fees are prorated based on the month you register. The registration form will calculate this for you.

Yearly Membership for Churches & Ministries

Registration or Renewal Fees:

The fee established for FCA ministry members is:

  • 1% of the annual operating budget of the ministry less the missions and buildings funds to a maximum of $3,000, or minimum of $200