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Handbook Requirements for Ministry Membership

Handbook 6.3 Obtaining Membership as a Ministry










    • Obtaining Membership as a Ministry


The Articles of the Corporation refer to these classes of members as​​ Class B: Churches​​ and​​ Class C: Parachurch Organizations.


      • Requirements for Membership

In order to be considered for membership, churches and parachurches must meet the following requirements. They must:

  • Meet the definition of a church or parachurch as outlined in​​ 5.1​​ or​​ 5.2, respectively

  • Be familiar with and agree with the​​ Statement of Common Beliefs​​ (see the Constitution)

  • Be familiar with and agree with the​​ Statement of Ethics​​ (see the Constitution)

  • Support the mission of the FCA

  • Adhere to the policies and procedures outlined in the constitution, bylaws, and handbook


      • Registration

The process for membership registration for a ministry is as follows:

  • The prospective member must seek out a qualified endorsing church.

  • The endorsing church’s elders or leadership team shall meet with the prospective ministry’s leadership team for the purpose of:

    • Acquaintance and fellowship

    • A detailed presentation of the policies and procedures of the FCA

    • A discussion and answer period

    • A time of prayer, petitioning for God’s will

  • Following this initial meeting, a period of time shall be allowed for the prospective new ministry to consider the implications of joining the FCA.

  • During this time, the endorsing church shall study the constitution and bylaws of the prospective ministry, along with its doctrinal and financial statements. It is very important that the endorsing church has confidence in the practice, teaching, and mission of the prospective ministry to ensure compatibility with the FCA. Where questions remain or issues arise in this process, the endorsing church should seek clarity from the ministry and, if concerns remain, consult with the FCA Elders.

  • Upon mutual agreement to proceed with membership in the FCA, the endorsing church and the prospective ministry will either:

    • Conduct a joint service of the congregations (in the case of a church), at which time membership in the FCA would be officially endorsed; or, where a joint service is impractical,

    • Representatives of the leadership of the endorsing church and the new ministry shall meet together,​​ wherein official endorsement of the new ministry can be granted.

  • Subject to the meeting of endorsement, the appropriate registration documentation shall be completed and submitted to the FCA office along with the membership fee in order to be registered as an FCA member. Incomplete registrations will not be processed until all required​​ information is received. All registration documents can be found on the website. The required forms include:

    • Church/Ministry Application Form – to be filled out by the new church

    • Church/Ministry Affirmation Form – to be filled out by the endorsing church


      • Ministry Membership Privileges

In addition to membership voting rights (see​​ 6.8), church and parachurch membership provides the following benefits:

  • Ministry employees may participate in the FCA Plus Benefits program

  • Ministry employees may participate in the GRSP program

  • Churches (not parachurches) have the potential to qualify to endorse ministers and ministries (see section​​ 6.1)

  • Ministries are listed in the FCA directory

  • Ministries have access to FCA counsel in times of organizational struggles

  • Potential access to FCA church planting funds or other designated program funds

  • Access to a growing number of resources on ministry administration, programming, etc.

  • Members/participants​​ of FCA ministries may potentially participate on Committees

  • Members/participants​​ of FCA ministries may have access to the Crane Memorial Scholarship

  • Members/participants​​ of FCA ministries have greater access to other Bible training scholarships through the FCA Leadership Training Scholarship Fund

Members/participants of FCA ministries receive the same convention rates as FCA minister members

Steps to Register a New Church or Ministry

Registering a New Church or Ministry

Three things must be received in order to complete a new Church or Ministry registration:

  1. Ministry Application Form to be filled out by the Minister online
  2. Ministry Affirmation Form to be filled out by the Endorsing Church
  3. Payment (via cheque or e-transfer). E-transfer sent to finance@fcaministers.com
    Mail cheques to FCA Office: 11449 – 92nd St. Grande Prairie, Alberta T8X 1P4Please note registration is not finalized until all steps are completed. Forms and payment are required. Failure to provide required documents and payment in a timely manner will result in the cancellations of the registration process.