FCA Canada

Marriage License Policy


In an attempt to normalize the manner in which our ministers receive their endorsement to perform marriages we offer the following guidelines:

1. Every minister must be a licensed or ordained minister with the FCA who is up to date with his/her registration for the current year. Ontario requires ministers to be ordained in order to be registered to solemnize marriages.

2. Marriage licenses will be revoked if the minister does not register with the FCA on any given year.

3. Missionaries must be commissioned before being granted a marriage license.

4. Temporary licenses can be granted to those who seldom perform marriages instead of granting a permanent license.

5. No marriage license is transferable.

6. All ministers are responsible to know the information contained in the Marriage Act for the province they are registered in.

7. Temporary out of province marriage licenses can be obtained with a 6 weeks notice.

8. Anyone without a valid Certificate of Registration for the Provincial Office of the Registrar General cannot sign the provincial marriage license certificate although they can be involved in the marriage ceremony.

9. All completed marriage certificates must be mailed to the Provincial Office of the Register General within 3 days of the marriage ceremony taking place.

10. FCA registered ministers who are out of country (i.e. – USA) are able to receive a temporary license to marry in Canada in any province that the FCA is registered. Six weeks is required to complete the documentation.

11. We have arranged to have Independent Assemblies of God to endorse our ministers who are wishing to perform marriages in the Eastern Provinces of Canada.

12. No registered minister of the FCA is allowed to perform a same sex marriage ceremony.