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Registration to Perform Marriages

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      • Registration to Perform Marriages

Subject to the policies of the endorsing church, FCA ministers (both licensed and ordained) may have the option of registering with their province to be able to perform marriages. Please take note of the following:

  • Being registered to perform marriages​​ does not​​ automatically come with FCA membership. It must be specified in the application.

  • This option must be selected every year with the membership renewal form in order to retain these privileges.

  • If an endorsing church has any specific policies that may impact those they endorse in performing marriages, they must communicate these policies directly to their endorsed ministers.

  • Ministers must update their personal information (e.g. name, address, and phone number) with the FCA at the time that it changes since the FCA is required to inform the government about these changes immediately.

  • If a member who performs marriages does not renew their FCA membership by​​ January 15th, they will no longer be able to perform marriages legally.

  • Following an application, there is time required to complete the registration process with the provincial government (varies by province), so members should not perform marriages until they have confirmation they are registered with the province.

  • FCA ministers shall only perform marriages between a man and woman (defined genetically) as per our​​ Statement of Ethics​​ (see the Constitution).

  • The FCA in Canada appreciates an arrangement with the Independent Assemblies of God who endorses our ministers for marriage purposes in the Eastern Provinces in Canada.

  • Due to varying provincial requirements, members must inquire regarding specific stipulations in the jurisdiction they desire to minister.​​ Note to Ontario​​ Members:​​ Ontario​​ requires ministers to be ordained (not just licensed)​​ and​​ have a pastoral charge or parish (not retired, a missionary, etc.) to perform marriages legally. Other provinces accept licensing.

  • Provincial governments do not allow ministers to be registered through more than one credentialing body for marriage authorization. It is the responsibility of the​​ endorsing​​ church and each registered minister to ensure they are not registered​​ to perform marriages​​ by another denomination or fellowship in addition to their FCA registration.

  • From time to time a minister may need to obtain a temporary license to marry. This may be due to the wedding being in a province other than where they are registered, the minister may be an out-of-country (e.g. USA) FCA minister, or the minister not actually being registered to perform marriages even if they are a member of the FCA. In these cases, the minister must submit the application for a temporary license to the​​ FCA office​​ at least​​ six weeks​​ prior to the date the temporary license is needed.

  • Other provincial conditions include the following:

    • Licenses to perform marriages are not transferrable between regions or ministers.

    • All registered ministers are responsible to know the information contained in the Marriage Act for the province they are registered in.

    • Anyone without a valid Certificate of Registration for the applicable provincial office cannot sign the provincial marriage license certificate. They can, however, still be involved in the marriage ceremony, enlisting a registered minister to be present to formalize the ceremony legally.

    • All completed marriage certificates must be mailed to the appropriate provincial office within three days of the marriage ceremony taking place.

Marriage License Policy


In an attempt to normalize the manner in which our ministers receive their endorsement to perform marriages we offer the following guidelines:

1. Every minister must be a licensed or ordained minister with the FCA who is up to date with his/her registration for the current year. Ontario requires ministers to be ordained in order to be registered to solemnize marriages.

2. Marriage licenses will be revoked if the minister does not register with the FCA on any given year.

3. Missionaries must be commissioned before being granted a marriage license.

4. Temporary licenses can be granted to those who seldom perform marriages instead of granting a permanent license.

5. No marriage license is transferable.

6. All ministers are responsible to know the information contained in the Marriage Act for the province they are registered in.

7. Temporary out of province marriage licenses can be obtained with a 6 weeks notice.

8. Anyone without a valid Certificate of Registration for the Provincial Office of the Registrar General cannot sign the provincial marriage license certificate although they can be involved in the marriage ceremony.

9. All completed marriage certificates must be mailed to the Provincial Office of the Register General within 3 days of the marriage ceremony taking place.

10. FCA registered ministers who are out of country (i.e. – USA) are able to receive a temporary license to marry in Canada in any province that the FCA is registered. Six weeks is required to complete the documentation.

11. We have arranged to have Independent Assemblies of God to endorse our ministers who are wishing to perform marriages in the Eastern Provinces of Canada.

12. No registered minister of the FCA is allowed to perform a same sex marriage ceremony.