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Allen Lagore

Meet Our Missionaries

I, Allen was born and raised on the mission field in South Africa. I moved home to Canada when I was 20, and started working. God called me to Bible College, and though I fought with Him about it because I was so incredibly shy, He won. I started Bible College and there met my wife Kandie.

I, Kandie was raised in Northern Saskatchewan. My parents had foster children since I was 4 years old. Most of my foster brothers and sisters came from alcoholic homes, and many were abused. They would stay with us while their parents went through the AA program, and then would be taken back when their parents were able to take care of them. Many of them came back to our home more than once as was necessary. After graduation, I followed my older brother to Bible College where I met Al.

After Bible College we were married and soon there was an opening for us to serve as missionaries in Northern Saskatchewan. We moved to Pelican Narrows, a small village with a population of around 1000 people in 1993 and served there, starting a church and raising leaders with Dan & Lana Morgan. After 5 years God told us we were to move. At the time we weren’t sure why, but it was confirmed to us so we trusted God and obeyed.

We moved to Denare Beach, built a church with, and ministered alongside Pastor Mark Ramshaw, Pastor Dan Morgan, and their families. We three also started teaching Bible College courses to those who wanted, and brought in other FCA ministers to help in teaching the courses.

After having served together in Pelican Narrows and having seen the cycle of alcohol addiction in many families, God then prompted the Morgans and ourselves to start a ministry to the addicted. For 5 years we fundraised, while still travelling weekly back into Pelican Narrows and Deschambault Lake to minister (as they didn’t have pastors at the time). Finally, in 2008, we were able to build Freedom Outreach …. A small cozy home, able to hold 10 men at a time, where we could offer not just a 30 or 90 day program as the government does, but a 1 year program.

Missionary Work

Serving Field: We are serving in Northern Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Website: http://www.freedomoutreach.weebly.com

In January 2009 we opened the doors to Freedom Outreach. It is a non-profit charity with no government funding. We have had students from all across Canada, but mostly from the North, as young as 17 and as old as 72! Our goal is to show each of our students how much God loves them, to help them understand that they have immense value, and that they are created for purpose. The lessons they do are all Bible based, and either relate to general Biblical principles, or are individually selected and assigned to promote growth in each student’s specific areas of struggle. Our work program helps teach a good work ethic and the value of integrity, and it is amazing to watch the men as they become confident men, proud of the work they do, whether shoveling snow, cutting wood or building decks or garbage stands. We are so privileged to see the change in each person’s life, and to witness God healing relationships, and bringing hope and love as a ripple effect into other’s lives as He restores families.

Current Projects

-This Summer we are hoping to be building a heated work shop Lord willing. We currently have raised almost $70,000 towards it, and will continue raising funds for it as we progress in its construction. This will be where our diesel septic truck will be kept in winter, as it requires a heated space to actually start. Our septic truck is vitally important to Freedom Outreach as it is a source of revenue for the center. We have to pump our own septic, and others rely on us (and pay us) to pump their septic tanks also.

The shop will also be used to train our students with skills such as woodwork, welding and mechanics, so they will be able to find good jobs after graduating. This is a practical but very essential need, as we teach our students the importance of not just living life free from addiction, but also being hard working, tax paying, productive members of society.The second floor of the shop will be used to house graduates who choose to stay for an extra year (or more) to work with us, as well as guests who come to visit including families of our students, pastors, or maybe you! We are looking forward to when we can have this completed.

-We are also raising money to pay off the loan for our work truck. This is used to haul large loads of wood (which we use for heat, and we also sell to the public), water for the center (as we are not connected into the town’s water lines), and all the tools for each job we are hired to do.

How Can You Partner?

In April, Allen tore his meniscus and had to have knee surgery. The surgeon told him that he would not be able to do shingling or any real physical work for at least 6 months. We are still wanting to build the shop this year, but we will only be able to so with groups of volunteers. It would take a great coordinated effort to see this happen, but if you feel led to help, please contact us so we know if we will be able to go ahead.

You can also partner with us through student sponsorship. Become a monthly partner by donating $30 or more/month, or $360 annually and we will send you a student prayer card every so often, so you can read that student’s testimony and pray for their individual needs.

If you feel called to possibly work in this type of ministry as a volunteer or permanent position, please give us a call. We’d love to chat with you about the possibility.

Vision and Future Plans

As the majority of people dealing with addictions do not come into a rehabilitation program, or seek help, we strongly believe that we need to provide help within the communities as well. Our hope is to have offices in our northern communities, with a staff member who will be able to encourage and minister to the people, providing courses for family or friends of those struggling with addictions (concerned persons group), a listening ear, and directing those who wish to enter a program, to our centre.

We are looking forward to having the camp used for ministry also. Once the shop is built we will have 2 suites, and a dining hall, which we want to be available to church groups, visitors, and family members of the students of Freedom Outreach, as well as friends and ministers travelling through. 

Resources to Share with Others

We are happy to provide help to any pastor or church who has someone struggling with addictions. We can provide resources, advice, and information for application to our center, for those who are ready for help. We can also direct you to the closest place running the concerned persons group study (a study to help those having to deal with the concerns of a loved one caught in addiction).