Endorsing Church Process

What it means to endorse and how to do it.

Are you an endorsing church? Or interested in becoming one?

Whether this is your first time or you have been endorsing for years, this page will help give you the resources you need while navigating endorsing new members into the FCA.

Endorsing Church Guide - this PDF summarizes the process of endorsing a new minister or ministry. The FCA Handbook should be carefully reviewed to get the entire information on endorsing and licensing. Below are links to online forms and supporting documents to help in the process of credentialing new members.

The FCA is a governing body that credentials ministers through the local church endorsement. As an endorsing church, you are vouching for those that you endorse.

There is never a one size fits all for endorsement, but the standards to go by include:

  • Get to know the minister/ministry and build a genuine ongoing relationship
  • Conduct Due diligence by interviewing/checking references
  • Educate the new minister/ministry about the FCA through our Handbook, Bylaws, annual conventions, and regional gatherings
  • Commission - When you are ready to commission someone into ministry, fill out the Affirmation Form and request a Certificate for your commissioning service
  • Register - Complete the process by having the new member fill out the Application Form and submit Payment

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How to Endorse | Documents + Forms

The first step in the process is to establish relationship. There is the personal relationship, but you are also helping build a relationship between the new member and the FCA.  Encourage new ministers to build relationships with others in the FCA through regional gatherings and annual conventions. The power of endorsement lies in your ability to raise up new endorsing leaders. In order to do this, it is vital that they know and value principles and practices that define our fellowship.

Your endorsed members should be familiar with the following documents:

Due diligence and accountability are vital in endorsement. A relationship may exist, but it is important to interview your new ministers. You are vouching for their theological orthodoxy, spiritual maturity, personal integrity, and ministry abilities. It is also your responsibility to ensure an ongoing relationship exists by checking in on your endorsed ministers - at the least annually.

These templates are provided to help you interview and keep annual connections with your endorsed ministers.

The following forms should be filled out after the relationship has been established and due diligence has been conducted.

All new certificates should be requested from the FCA office on the Minister Affirmation Form.

Registering a Minister

There are 4 parts to registering a new minister.

    1. Minister Affirmation Form
    2. Copy of Signed Certificate + Copy of Biblical Studies Document
    3. Minister Application Form
    4. Payment* (calculated on application form)

Registering a Ministry: Church or Parachurch

There are 3 parts to registering a new ministry.

    1. Ministry Affirmation Form
    2. Ministry Application Form
    3. Payment* (calculated on application form)

*Annual Membership Rates:
Minister $180, Spouse $120, Missionary $60, Retired $60
Church rate is 1% of Operating Budget; Minimum $225 and Maximum $3,000
Parachurch rate is 1% of Operating Budget; Minimum $225 and Maximum $1,500