FCA Canada

FCA Vision Pillars

The invitation extended to me in 2006 to join the FCA has been one of the most liberating experiences of my life. This Fellowship truly celebrates and encourages spiritual leaders to pursue their ministry calling. I love this element of our Fellowship and the reality that this is the avenue that propels us towards unlimited potential.

Since our 2019 Convention in Vancouver, we have been making an extra effort to maximize our potential. We are using our website, email, regional gatherings and monthly meetings to encourage a collective effort in facilitating our vision. Our vision simply states, “Connecting To Advance God’s Kingdom”. This is why we exist. How many of you know that we have been established for something greater than receiving an annual renewal card and marriage licenses? God has called us together for greater things. There is unlimited, untapped potential yet to be discovered from us connecting with each other. There is strength in unity and numbers. There are so many incredible organizations associated with our Fellowship and we are trying our best to bring each of you together to discover what God would have us do collectively. This may sound simple, but it is more challenging than you think.

A few years ago we discussed trends and statistics related to church organizations that have been on a downward slope for years. Many of these statistics focused on organizations like ours that have existed for 100 years. I’m sure we are all well-rehearsed with the negative forecast of faith in Canada. The facts are, we don’t subscribe to this kind of thinking. We believe God is preparing us for greater things ahead and we invite you to help us accomplish this by joining us every third Thursday of the month online.

I am sitting in a building we purchased from our city over a decade ago. This portion of the building is 150 years old…older than the confederation! Our city officials lost the vision for this historic building and decided to build something more modern. Well, that decision has brought about many of its own challenges and problems, let alone the cost. We took this old facility and infused it with fresh vision and purpose. Today, the number one comment from our community, when they visit here for an event, is, “why in the world would our city ever sold this beautiful place?”

This is our cafe and I felt it would be appropriate to record this clip amongst these pillars as they can represent the three foundational principles we are focusing on to facilitate our vision. They represent strength and stability. It’s also interesting that they often become the focus of our discussions with people that visit us.

Well, I pray that our three pillars will provide strength and stability for the vision.

1. Cultivating Personal & Relational Well-being

Transformed lives Transform churches and communities! We are developing resources to help cultivate healthy individuals, marriages, families and churches.Healing comes to individuals in the context of trusted community as they discover their inner life and invite God’s restoration into their places of brokenness and embrace His divine purpose for their lives. This involves Self-awareness, Self-acceptance, Self-reflection, Self-development and a healthy connection to the community.

2. Equipping Spirit-led Leaders

We are also committed to developing Spirit-empowered leaders who are grounded in God’s Word, intimate with Christ, godly in character, competent in ministry and who practice relational accountability. We are working closely with Clearwater College to develop and broaden our resources for theological studies, organizational management and personal growth strategies. We want to make sure we can help provide people with the proper tools necessary to produce Spirit-led leaders.

3. Collaborating in Kingdom Mission

Thirdly, we are committed to facilitating the collaboration of FCA ministers and ministries to advance the great commission. This is basically encompasses everything that I said earlier about connecting to advance God’s Kingdom. We are stronger together rather than isolated individualism. Our greatest potential is found in what we can do together. I actually believe that this collaboration extends much farther than with all of our pastors and leaders across Canada. I believe we will see a day when our congregations, church board members, ministry leaders and volunteers will have the ability to network with each other. Now we are getting serious! Can you envision a day when this organization expands its ability to collaborate on a global scale? Just think about that. Seriously! Is there any reason why we shouldn’t create a safe environment where all our leaders, including our missionaries from around the world, could connect? A place to share a prayer request, promote a need or an event, a church planting strategy, post a job opportunity or a short-term missions project. I pray that God will give us the wisdom and insight to expand our collaboration to include everyone that is associated with this great fellowship.

2024 will be a combined conference with our US brothers and sisters. What a perfect opportunity to promote our third pillar of collaborating in Kingdom Mission. This convention will likely be held in either Calgary or Vancouver.

2025 will be a convention that focuses on our legacy. We will have an opportunity to measure the effectiveness of our vision implementation and celebrate God’s faithfulness.

There are many more exciting things in store for us and I look forward to seeing the development of our vision in the days ahead.

Trevor Hoskins
FCA Executive Director