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Project L.A.M.B.S. International

Making disciples is the call and mandate of our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus urged the disciples to follow Him. He laid down before us the teaching and the walk that we need to follow with Jesus as our supreme example. It is imperative for every believer and the church to know that disciples are not born but they are made. For the church to be strong in the last days, we must be about the business of equipping the saints (disciples) for the work of service.

Dr. James Humphries has been ministering for over 40 years and has experience in a variety of ministries including church planting, children’s ministry, street ministry, youth ministry, camp ministry, pastoral work and directing and teaching in schools all over the world. In addition, he has taken part in traveling and ministering in the USA, Mexico, Ukraine, Myanmar, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Thailand, India and across most of Canada. He completed his B.R.E. and his M.A. from Briercrest, and his Doctor of Ministry from Providence Theological Seminary in the spring of 1999.

In January 1996, Dr. James Humphries resigned as pastor of a local church with a vision to reach further abroad with the Word of God and to use it to train labourers for Christ (Matthew 9:36-38). He shared this with Dr. David Smith and Dr. Chuck Nichols of Providence Theological Seminary and they greatly encouraged Dr. James Humphries and his wife Irene to develop what God was laying on their hearts.

In March 1997, they traveled to Jamaica where they met several pastors who were very concerned about the need for training and disciplining their young people as leaders in their churches. Dr. James Humphries and Irene did not know this would be the starting point to an international ministry of discipleship training around the world known as Project L.A.M.B.S. International.

To date, Project L.A.M.B.S. has ministered in Canada, Myanmar, Ukraine, Africa, Jamaica, Mexico, Israel, Thailand, Japan, Dominican Republic, Naga Land, India, Viet Nam, and China. We offer over 30 different courses. Our graduates’ number over 1000, and are serving worldwide. Out of this group of graduates, we have equipped and trained directors, teachers and pastors who in turn are carrying out 2 Timothy 2:1-2 to an even larger group of people.

In 2002 it was discovered that Irene had cancer again. God gave Irene another three years and because of that she was still able to travel and teach in many different countries. Shortly after what was to be her last trip, Irene was hospitalized in February 2005. A few weeks later she went home to be with her Lord and Saviour on March 9.

My second wife Hkaw Win was raised and trained mostly in the land of Myanmar. She has earned B.th, University Degree and a Master of Divinity Degree in Myanmar. In April 2007 she finished a second Master’s Degree at Providence Theological Seminary in Christian Education. After July 1st, 2007 she headed back to Myanmar to head up the Christian Education Department for the Myitkyina Kachin Baptist Association and oversaw various ministries to 62 churches. After her four-year term was completed, she has been traveling and working as an interpreter and doing translations concerning various kinds of discipleship books and materials.

Over the last ten years we have lived in the countries of Myanmar and Thailand preparing a variety of resources in the Burmese (Myanmar) and Kachin Languages. To date we have published over 20 different kinds of books. Our goal is to equip and establish people as Disciples of Christ. Please pray for God’s leading and wisdom. Our walk with Christ has taken us down many challenging pathways but we have seen the faithfulness of our Lord and Savior in every area. His grace has been sufficient.

Founder and Director,

Dr. James and Hkaw Win Humphries

Missionary Work

Serving Field: All around the world.

Website: http://www.projectlambs.com

We do discipleship training and equipping in many countries around the world. We provide teaching materials and send resources to pastors and lay leaders.

Current Projects

1. “David’s Song” is an evangelistic tool that we are printing in at least 14 languages. (see www.davidsongs.ca)
2. We also provide to people a Bible tool call “Bible Information” that is available in 16 languages.
3. We have also a Bible Dictionary and Concordance that pastors and lay leaders can use for teaching and preaching.

Most of these tools can be found free for download on www.discipleshipempowerment.com

How Can You Partner?

We need prayers and finances so we can provide Bible tools like: Bible Information (Discipleship), David’s Song (Evangelism) and Dictionary and Concordance (Pastors and Teachers) for people around the world in a variety of languages. We are now ministering in 16 countries with these material.

Vision and Future Plans

1. To train and equip people around the world with the Word of God by teaching and providing recourses.
2. To provide teaching materials for pastors and leaders.
3. To provide Bible tools like Bible information, David’s Song and Bible Dictionary and Concordance.

Resources to Share with Others

The resources are mostly found on our Website for free at www.discipleshipempowerment.com as a PDF or for purchase on www.projectlambs.com for hard copies for a small fee.