FCA Canada

Shona Stewart

Meet Our Missionary

I have been a Christian since 1999 although as a child I accepted Christ but my family weren’t Christian so no church or involvement after that. I had actually got into the occult, drank, did drugs, and was enslaved in prostitution. I sinned much but now love much.

Missionary Work

Serving Field: Inner City Winnipeg, MB

Website: http://www.stcf.ca

I have been involved in the ministry of working with trafficked, exploited and women in the sex industry for the last 20yrs . I have been in Winnipeg for the last 9yrs. I came to set up a home for women with another denomination and did that for 7 yrs. The last two have been through myself and Canada Awakening. I was ordained so to speak last September with the FCA.

Current Projects

I am currently teaching a program for addictions called ReAct. I have a women’s thrift store where survivors get retail training. I am working on starting up an online church. I do counselling as well. I have a food bank for survivors as well. 

How Can You Partner?

In the thrift store we are always looking for donations of clothing and accessories. I am looking into new ideas for fundraising to be sustainable. I have donations that are great but looking at long term funding resources in the social enterprise arena. I need a space that is able to store and work on old furniture to refurbish and if anyone has ideas or wants to join in let me know. I do consignment at the store and always looking for beaded earrings to sell on consignment. I want to help the women make money as well in different areas that is viable and sustainable so they don’t go back to their old habits.

Vision and Future Plans

I am looking into employment opportunities for the women and to look at new ways to raise funds for the ministry. Getting the online church up and running. 

Resources to Share with Others

I do have extra food and clothing to share most of the time. I do lead an addictions group called Celebrate Recovery at another church and am very experienced in helping in this area.