FCA Canada

Regional HUBS  

We are currently in the process of establishing leadership of the Regional Hubs. Currently we have leaders selected in 11 regions and are working to develop leadership in the remaining regions.

Regional Hub Leaders are meeting monthly in the beginning of 2024 to develop strategies for each region. Keep your Regional Hub Leaders in prayer and be prepared to engage in your local Hub!

Below are the leaders currently in place.


What are Regional Hubs?

Excerpt from the Handbook (Section 7.4.5)

7.4.5. Regional Leaders

For many years, the FCA had Regional Coordinators in place who were established to facilitate a sense of pastoral care, encouragement, and fellowship to the ministries and ministers of their region. Recognizing the value of regional gatherings while also recognizing a new model is needed for pastoral care of our membership, we have moved toward providing adjusted roles for regional leaders. Responsibilities

Regional leaders are those who facilitate the fellowship and regional gatherings within the region. This may be an individual, or a group of FCA leaders, ideally including endorsing church leaders of the region. Although they may be informally available to provide assistance to ministers and ministries in the local region, there is no official requirement for this. These leaders will rather work to ensure that they:

  1. Facilitate cluster meetings of ministers and leaders in their region.
  2. Are either familiar with FCA policies and procedures and be able to provide guidance to ministers and/or ministries in these matters or direct an appropriate referral.
  3. Promote Biblical unity and respect among FCA members.
  4. Present updates and needs of their region to the FCA Elders as needed.
  5. Promote the collective FCA mission and related initiatives in their region. Regional Leaders and Endorsing Churches

As opposed to regional coordinators, regional leaders are not expected to provide overlapping assistance to endorsing churches. Although they may be involved assisting local FCA members and ministries, the endorsing churches bears the primary responsibility to provide assistance to their endorsed ministers and ministries. Current National Regions

The Current National Regions are:

  • British Columbia – Vancouver Island and Lower Mainland
  • British Columbia – Kootenays and Interior
  • Peace River (Northwestern Alberta and Northeastern B.C.)
  • Central and Northeastern Alberta
  • Southern Alberta
  • Saskatchewan East
  • Saskatchewan West
  • Saskatchewan South
  • Manitoba South & Northwestern Ontario
  • Manitoba North
  • GTA Central
  • 905 East (Greater Toronto Area)
  • 905 West (Greater Toronto Area)
  • Southwestern Ontario
  • Northern & Eastern Ontario/Canada
  • Maritimes