FCA Canada

6.1 Endorsement

Below is an excerpt from the FCA Handbook (Last updated version July 12, 2023).
To read the Handbook, please go to: https://www.canada.fcaministers.com/handbook/

6.1. 2 Qualifications of an Endorsing Church
An endorsing church must meet the following qualifications:

a. Be registered with the FCA as a church (not parachurch)
b. Be a member in good standing
c. Understand and commit to what is involved in endorsement (see 6.1.1)
d. Demonstrate an understanding and commitment to the polices and procedures outlined in the constitution, by-laws, and handbook
e. Commit to sending delegates (at least one or two) to the annual convention whenever possible
f. Actively participate in the regional meetings in their area
g. The pastor or church must be a member of the FCA for at least the previous five years uninterrupted
h. Have a policy regarding endorsements that meets or exceeds the minimum requirements for FCA ministers and/or ministries (see section 6.2)