FCA Canada

6.2 Obtaining Membership as a Minister

The below is an excerpt from the FCA Handbook (Last updated version July 12, 2023).
To read the Handbook, please go to: https://www.canada.fcaministers.com/handbook/

6.2. Obtaining Membership as a Minister
The Articles of the Corporation refer to this class of members as Class A: Ministers.

6.2.1      Basic Requirements for FCA Membership
In order to be considered for membership, ministers must meet the following requirements. They must:

a. Be a member* of and/or have relationship with a qualified FCA endorser or endorsing church of which they are neither the senior pastor (or equivalent) nor the founder**
b. Be familiar with and agree with the Statement of Common Beliefs (see the Constitution)
c. Be familiar with and agree with the Statement of Ethics (see the Constitution)
d. Support the mission of the FCA
e. Adhere to the policies and procedures outlined in the constitution, by-laws, and handbook (although all of the handbook is important, members should be particularly familiar with Section 6)
f. Be one of the following:
A Canadian citizen
A permanent resident of Canada (as recognized by the Canadian government)
A resident of Canada (not just visiting, but perhaps in transition to permanent residency or citizenship)

*Membership in the local church is defined by each respective local church.
**In some cases, a minister who is endorsed by their home church transitions into the
senior pastor role. In these cases, they should follow the procedures in section 6.7 to
find a new endorsing church